A Fun-Filled Summer Starts Now!

Children Gain Independence, Build Confidence, And Develop School Skills Through The Summer Months

A Fun-Filled Summer Starts Now!

Children Gain Independence, Build Confidence, And Develop School Skills Through The Summer Months

SUMMER CAMP | 5 -12 YEARS | Serving Laurel, MD

Camp Is From June 20th to August 26th!

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Your Child Will Learn Crucial Thinking Skills

When children have the space to think freely, they often think big. Your child experiences a summer full of self-led play and the exploration of open space as teachers adeptly guide them through fun learning experiences.

Individualized Learning Plans Build School Skills

Individualized learning and a child-led approach allow your child to take the lead in their learning. They can build skills in areas of strength, while getting the help they need to address any areas of weakness.

Fun Outdoor Play To Keep Them Active

Your child loves daily play with resources like a playground and gardens that keep them constantly engaged. Play increases their energy and helps develop their social skills in the process.

Daily Enrichments Boost Summer Learning Fun

Technology, Math play, and Art help develop your child in every way, and keeps them engaged and excited about each day. Exploratory play and play-based learning help them to succeed in these areas when in a formal school setting.

STEAM Projects For Academic Success

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math are essential areas to cover in learning. Your child learns the cognitive skills they need in these areas, like observation and problem-solving.

Healthy Meals Provided Daily

Your child receives delicious and healthy meals each and every day for breakfast, lunch, and snack, keeping them healthy and strong so they can focus on learning, playing, making new friends, and developing.

Spanish, Mandarin, Coding, And Robotics

Spanish, Mandarin, Coding, and Robotics are enrichment activities that your child is exposed to daily, there to help them discover their interests and build their personalities.

Experienced Teachers Strengthen Learning

Qualified teachers make sure your child gets the support they need, and the tools and resources necessary to keep them learning and growing as they prepare to advance and learn at a higher level.

Discover New Worlds Through Field Trips

Your child gets a chance to discover the world around them through field trips by visiting places like art galleries and more. Field trips help them enjoy new environments, and connect with their peers.

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