The Little Thinkers Of Today
Become The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Experience-Based Learning, Incredible Outdoor Play, And STEAM Development Light Up Your Child's Mind

The Little Thinkers Of Today Become The Leaders Of Tomorrow

Experience-Based Learning, Incredible Outdoor Play,
And STEAM Development Light Up Your Child's Mind

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Laurel, MD

Safety Precautions Protect Your Family's Health.

Beautiful, Open-Concept Center Is State-Of-The-Art

Parents love their child’s space to move and the beauty of their environment with the spacious, open-concept design. Complete with enhanced security, a fully stocked indoor gross motor play area, and a quiet corner for little learners, your child’s serene setting has it all.

Teaching Children To Think Independently Is What We Do

Expert teachers focus on child-led, individualized learning plans so that your child learns to reason and think for themselves. Enthusiastic and consistent coaching develops creative and critical thinking skills and prepares your child for school and life.

Children Learn Critical Thinking With STEAM Development: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, And Math Skills.

Kids Love Coding, Learning Robotics, And 3D Printing

Your child experiences the most modern early learning around. Having a background in engineering, Founder Kimberly Cooper loves enriching the curriculum with unique classes such as Coding and Robotics. She has even invested in a 3D printer for children to use!

Playgrounds On An Acre Outside For Sunshine And Fun

Great playgrounds are an essential part of your child’s learning environment. With gardens to tend to and over an acre of space where they have the freedom to run and play, your child gets the sunshine and fresh air, they need to stay happy and healthy.

Daily Exploratory Play Paves The Way To School Success

Teachers guide your child through experiences that are both structured yet with the freedom for them to explore. Play-based learning allows your child to take the next natural step in their knowledge as they fully prepare for Kindergarten.

Get Updates And Pictures Throughout The Day With The Brightwheel Communication App.

Delicious, Home-Cooked Meals Are Provided For You

Your little one receives a delicious, healthy home-cooked breakfast, lunch, and snacks that keep them fueled and full of energy while they play and discover. Kid-friendly, nutrition-packed meals are provided at no extra cost to you, for your convenience.

Learning Spanish, Mandarin, And Doing Yoga Every Day

Children deserve every enrichment opportunity in their day-to-day lives. Spanish and Mandarin are a part of their daily curriculum to boost brain development through exposure to languages. Yoga is a meaningful movement practice that helps your child with centeredness and self-awareness.

Teachers With Exceptional Credentials Guide Your Child

All teachers have the achievement of their associate degree or complete a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Your child’s teaching team values education and has a passion for teaching, which positively impacts your child.

Adventurous Field Trips Will Spark Discovery

Expose your child to new and exciting things like the shiny red fire truck, police cars with lights that flash, and exotic reptiles as pets. Every adventurous experience your child is a part of further ignites their love of learning.

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